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Exploring New Mexico’s Top 5 Motorcycle Destinations (May 2024)

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new mexico top 5 motorcycle destinations

Riding Through the Land of Enchantment

Embark on an epic journey through New Mexico’s Top 5 Motorcycle Destinations. This guide takes you on a ride through diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and some of the most breathtaking roads in the Land of Enchantment.

1. Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway

The Crown Jewel of New Mexico’s Motorcycle Routes

  • The Ultimate Mountain Ride: This 83-mile loop encircles Wheeler Peak, New Mexico’s highest point, offering an unparalleled mountain riding experience.
  • Stunning Scenery: The route takes you through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the state, from the lush valleys of the Moreno Valley to the majestic peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
  • Cultural Richness: Experience the unique blend of cultures in towns like Taos, a renowned art colony that embodies the spirit of the Southwest, and Eagle Nest, known for its charming small-town feel and beautiful lake.
  • Historical Significance: Along the way, riders can explore the rich history of the region, from ancient Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the historic mining towns that dot the route.
  • Rider’s Haven: The road offers a dynamic riding experience, with well-maintained roads that provide both challenging twists and relaxing stretches, perfect for any level of motorcycle enthusiast.
  • Seasonal Beauty: In the fall, the route is particularly enchanting, as the aspen trees turn a vibrant gold, creating a stunning contrast against the evergreen forests.

Dining and Accommodations Along the Enchanted Circle

  • Eateries: From gourmet restaurants in Taos to cozy cafes in Red River, there’s a wealth of dining options offering everything from traditional New Mexican dishes to international cuisine.
  • Stays: The route is dotted with a variety of accommodations, including luxurious resorts in Angel Fire, quaint bed and breakfasts in Taos, and rustic cabins in the mountains.

Conclusion: A Biker’s Paradise in the Desert

Discover New Mexico’s Enchanting Routes The Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway is more than just a route; it’s a journey through the heart of New Mexico’s natural beauty and cultural soul. It stands as a testament to the state’s ability to enchant and captivate those who ride its paths.

2. Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway

The Historic and Scenic Heart of New Mexico

Unveiling the Journey

A Ride Through Time and Beauty

  • Scenic and Historical Route: Stretching approximately 50 miles along State Highway 14, the Turquoise Trail connects Santa Fe and Albuquerque. This route is not just a road; it’s a journey through New Mexico’s vibrant history and stunning landscapes.
  • Diverse Landscapes: The byway takes riders through the rolling hills and rocky terrain of the San Pedro Mountains, offering breathtaking views of the high desert landscape.
  • Step Back in Time: The trail is named for its rich mining history, particularly in turquoise and other minerals. Along the route, historic towns like Cerrillos and Madrid offer a glimpse into the Old West, each with its unique character and stories.

The Unique Charm of Madrid and Cerrillos

Art, History, and Quirky Finds

  • Madrid: Once a historic coal mining town, now a thriving artistic community. This lively town is filled with art galleries, shops, and cafes, all nestled in buildings that retain their early 20th-century charm.
  • Cerrillos: A quieter contrast to Madrid, Cerrillos exudes an authentic Old West feel, with its well-preserved buildings and rustic charm. It’s like stepping into a living museum, offering a peaceful respite from the modern world.

Riding the Trail

A Biker’s Delight

  • Rider-Friendly Roads: The Turquoise Trail offers a relatively easy ride, making it suitable for bikers of all skill levels. The road meanders gently through the hills, providing a relaxing yet engaging riding experience.
  • Photographer’s Paradise: Don’t forget your camera – the scenic views and historic towns offer endless photo opportunities, capturing the essence of New Mexico’s enchanting landscapes.

Dining and Accommodations

Savor and Stay in Style

  • Eateries: Indulge in local cuisine at quaint roadside diners or upscale restaurants in Santa Fe, where traditional New Mexican dishes meet innovative culinary creations.
  • Stays: Choose from a variety of accommodations, from charming bed and breakfasts in historic buildings to luxurious resorts offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

3. Route 66 (Portion in NM)

The Legendary American Highway

Experience the Nostalgia of Route 66

A Journey Through Time on the Mother Road

  • Iconic Stretch: The segment of Route 66 that passes through New Mexico is a treasure trove of American history and culture. This legendary highway, often referred to as the “Mother Road,” offers a nostalgic ride through the heart of the American spirit.
  • Unique Attractions: Along the New Mexico portion, riders will encounter classic Americana, from vintage neon signs and retro diners to quirky roadside attractions that capture the essence of a bygone era.

Discover the Richness of the Route

From Tucumcari to Gallup

  • Tucumcari: Known for its iconic Route 66 motels and murals, Tucumcari is a vibrant stop that offers a perfect blend of history and kitsch.
  • Santa Rosa: Home to the famous Blue Hole, an incredible natural artesian spring, and a must-visit for its crystal-clear waters.
  • Albuquerque: New Mexico’s largest city presents a mix of modern and historical Route 66 landmarks, including the neon-lit Nob Hill neighborhood.
  • Gallup: Rich in Native American culture, Gallup is known for its historic trading posts and annual Intertribal Indian Ceremonial.

Riding the Historic Route

A Biker’s Adventure

  • Diverse Terrain: The ride through New Mexico’s portion of Route 66 varies from flat, open stretches to more winding sections, offering a diverse and enjoyable experience for riders.
  • Captivating Landscapes: The route reveals the stunning landscapes of New Mexico, from arid deserts to red rock cliffs, providing a visually stunning backdrop for your ride.

Dining and Accommodations

Immerse in Local Flavor and Hospitality

  • Eateries: Experience the charm of classic Route 66 diners, serving up hearty American fare, and discover local gems offering authentic New Mexican cuisine.
  • Stays: The route is dotted with unique lodging options, from vintage motels that have been welcoming travelers since the heyday of Route 66 to comfortable hotels in larger cities.

4. The High Road to Taos

The Scenic Path of Art and History

Embracing the High Road

A Journey Through New Mexico’s Artistic Soul

  • Scenic and Cultural Route: The High Road to Taos is more than just a road; it’s a passage through the heart of New Mexico’s artistic and spiritual landscape. Connecting Santa Fe and Taos, this route offers a blend of stunning natural scenery and rich cultural heritage.
  • Diverse Terrain: The road winds through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, offering riders a captivating experience with breathtaking views, quaint villages, and an ever-changing landscape.

Cultural Richness Along the Way

Chimayó to Truchas

  • Chimayó: Famous for the Santuario de Chimayó, a historic pilgrimage site known for its miraculous healing powers. The town is also renowned for its traditional weaving and art.
  • Truchas: An artists’ village perched high in the mountains, offering inspiring views and a sense of serenity. It’s a place where the local art scene thrives, with numerous galleries and studios.

Taos – The Artistic Destination

A Merging of Art, Culture, and Nature

  • Taos: The route culminates in Taos, a town that has long been a haven for artists. Here, you’ll find a vibrant mix of Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo cultures, all reflected in the town’s art, architecture, and cuisine.

Riding Experience

A Road That Appeals to Every Sense

  • Dynamic Riding: The High Road offers a variety of riding experiences, from smooth, straight stretches to winding mountain roads, making it perfect for riders seeking diversity and a bit of challenge.
  • Visual Feast: The route is especially beautiful in the fall when the aspen trees turn a brilliant gold, contrasting against the deep greens of the pine forests.

Dining and Accommodations

Savor and Stay in Artistic Enclaves

  • Eateries: Along the route, enjoy a range of dining options, from local cafes serving traditional New Mexican fare to upscale restaurants offering gourmet experiences.
  • Stays: The area boasts a selection of charming bed and breakfasts, historic inns, and boutique hotels, each offering a unique stay reflective of the local culture and art.

5. Gila Cliff Dwellings Scenic Byway

The Wilderness Adventure

Into the Heart of the Gila

A Ride Through Untouched Landscapes

  • Natural Wonder: The Gila Cliff Dwellings Scenic Byway takes riders deep into the Gila National Forest, one of New Mexico’s most magnificent and unspoiled natural areas. This journey is an escape into the wild, where the beauty of nature is on full display.
  • Historical Significance: The byway is named for the ancient Gila Cliff Dwellings, a remarkable site where visitors can explore the homes of the Mogollon people, who lived in these caves over 700 years ago.

Exploring the Gila Wilderness

A Biker’s Paradise in Nature

  • Varied Terrain: The route offers an adventurous ride with a mix of well-maintained roads and challenging stretches, ideal for motorcyclists looking for an exciting journey.
  • Breathtaking Views: Ride through dense forests, alongside flowing rivers, and under the vast New Mexico sky. The changing landscapes provide a spectacular backdrop for a memorable ride.

Wildlife and Natural Beauty

Encounters with the Untamed

  • Flora and Fauna: The Gila National Forest is home to a rich variety of wildlife and plant species, offering opportunities for sightings of deer, elk, and maybe even the elusive Mexican gray wolf.
  • Star Gazing: The clear skies and minimal light pollution make the area a haven for stargazers. Camping under the stars here is an experience not to be missed.

Riding Through History

A Connection to Ancient Cultures

  • Cultural Immersion: Visiting the Gila Cliff Dwellings provides a unique chance to connect with the ancient history of the region and understand the lives of the early inhabitants.

Dining and Accommodations

Embrace the Wilderness

  • Eateries: The route has fewer dining options, but nearby towns offer cozy spots to enjoy local cuisine, including traditional Southwestern dishes.
  • Stays: Accommodations range from rustic campgrounds within the national forest to comfortable lodges and inns in nearby towns, providing a true wilderness experience.

Dining and Accommodations Along the Way

Experience Local Flavors and Cozy Stays

  • Eateries: Savor New Mexican cuisine at local diners and upscale restaurants along these routes.
  • Stays: From rustic lodges in the mountains to charming inns in historic towns, find the perfect place to rest and recharge.

In conclusion, New Mexico’s Top 5 Motorcycle Destinations offer an unparalleled journey through scenic beauty, rich history, and captivating culture. Each destination on this list promises a unique experience, making the Land of Enchantment a must-visit for every motorcycle enthusiast. From winding mountain roads to historic byways, these top destinations are sure to fulfill your quest for adventure and leave you with unforgettable memories.

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