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2021 Team Classic Suzuki Katana

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Following a hiatus lasting over one year as a result of covid, Team Classic Suzuki has unveiled what they are deeming their “lockdown project” to which we at The Hardtail Feel cheers are in order. They have successfully brought current technologies and mated them with the styling we all love of the classic superbike era. Not only that but they did so with one of the era’s most iconic motorcycles produced, The Katana. Though this might not be the first time the Team Classic Suzuki has tackled the Katana, one would argue that this is the best rendition to date.

The focus of this motorcycle is the drivetrain the team decided to use, straight out of the current Suzuki superbike right down to the same headers, the Team Classic Suzuki is nothing short of a superbike, quite literally. With more than 200bhp, this motorcycle is as stout as any current top superbikes available on the market today with figures competing against the likes of the current greats. The team has fitted an array of excellent aftermarket parts to the bike from Alstare superbike headers and factory team radiators and oil cooler to a full Yoshimura electronics management package.

They did not stop there; the bike is rolling on Dymag’s new CH3 magnesium wheels which fit the classic look incredibly well. All that being stopped by Brembo’s latest discs and calipers. The rear wheel is mounted to the chassis via a hand fabricated boxed aluminum swingarm. Nothing short of art. Along with a full superbike spec Ohlin’s suspension, this bike promises to impress all.

Along with the incredible array of high-end parts, Team Classic Suzuki focused heavily on the body utilizing carbon fiber throughout and implementing a factory world superbike fuel tank. Basically, Team Classic Suzuki has built a superbike that is inspired by the looks of a generation nearly 3 decades old.

This bike exuberates style equally as much as it does performance and we at The Hardtail feel our readers will appreciate this as greatly as we do.

As the CEO of The Hard Tail, Jacob Stoner leverages years of immersion in the world of motorcycling. He not only embodies the spirit of the open road as a devoted rider, but also has experience in custom motorcycle design. Though he has dipped his toes into the realm of customization, his main focus remains on riding and the motorcycle community at large. The Hard Tail, for him, is more than just a professional endeavor – it's a reflection of his enduring passion for motorcycling.


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