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Damon Motorcycles Electric Hypersport

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Damon Motorcycles Twitter પર: "What's the motorcycle culture like where you're at? For Damon, we're a very close knit community, both in the office and on the road. Our passion for motorcycles

The team at Damon Motorcycles set out to engineer and develop a game-changing motorcycle that would not only affect the motorcycle rider directly but also indirectly affect the entire motorcycle industry, from ground-breaking engineering designs to the disruptive technologies they have created and implemented to allow their motorcycles to become a lot more than just a motorcycle. “The only way to bring a paradigm shift in motorcycle safety is through disruptive technology. At the core of our vision is hyperdrive”

Jay Giraud co-founded Damon Motorcycles with Dom Kwong in 2016 after suffering an unfortunate accident in Jakarta, it is at that moment that Jay recognized the need for advancements in technologies for the motorcycle space and began their journey to creating a game-changing product. When Damon Motorcycles and their team set out to create a motorcycle that could help reduce accidents, they recognized the faults of current motorcycles and the abilities new technologies possessed to help render these problems nonexistent, by utilizing AI technologies and motorcycle collision technologies they can create a fluid platform that allows the motorcycle to help the rider see accidents before they may see the accidents themselves.

Damon Motorcycles could have stopped producing AI technology that will help reduce accidents, but they chose to further engineer their electric motorcycle design by incorporating breakthrough battery technologies, motor technologies as well as chassis technologies. With a goal in mind of producing a well-rounded safety heavy performance motorcycle, Damon Motorcycles and their team pushed forwards into the most competitive motorcycle segment of them all, The Hyper sports segment, competing against the likes of Ducati, Yamaha, Aprilia, and Yamaha. This is so small feat for a motorcycle manufacturer to tackle safety technologies, performance technologies, electric drive train technologies all while starting a company from scratch but here we are writing an article on arguably one of the most disruptive motorcycles to come into the market in the last decade. *Cue the Damon Motorcycles fist bump*

Damon Motorcycle offers a range of performance models all based on the same chassis with varying performance and technologies. All of their current models in their line up used their patented technology “Hyperdrive”, this is a one-stop-shop based “multi-variant powertrain” with models ranging from 85 kW to 150 kW, for you old school gassers that more than 200bhp that’s not to mention the fact is has more than 235nm of torque which is completely unheard of in petrol-powered motorcycles in the hyper sports group… yes you read that right an electric motorcycle with over 200 bhp. Proof that implementing new technologies into old concepts will breathe fresh air into an old stale product. Aside from the astounding amount of power these motorcycles can produce they are also focusing heavily on weight reduction and taking a cue from the petrol industry by using the hyperdrive as a dual-purpose structural component thus allowing the motorcycle to drop a substantial amount of weight that would typically be accumulated from a corresponding frame.

Aside from the performance engineering built into their models, Daman motorcycles have focused heavily on safety and designed a well-rounded electronics package that helps make the operator more aware of their surroundings by alerting them both visually and audibly through a variety of alerts, the motorcycle stays aware of a 360 degree surrounding and has the 4k camera’s front and rear on at all times as well as physical alerts built into the handlebars so even when you forget to check your back Damon Motorcycles has it for you.

Another interesting to note is the lack of comfort the hyper sport segment posses, with no current companies taking comfort into consideration as performance has always been the first consideration Damon Motorcycles and their team has created an adjustable on the fly system you can operate from your handlebars that allows you to choose between sport and commuter settings allowing the handlebars and rear sets to adjust accordingly so you can tuck and go at the track and sit up and relax for the long haul.

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