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MotoE : Ducati’s Game-Changing Strategies




As the reigning MotoGP and World Superbikes champions, and now venturing into MotoE with their first-ever electric bike, Ducati continues to reshape the narrative of modern motorcycling. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer made a significant mark in 2022, selling a record 61,562 bikes and crossing the billion-euro threshold.

An Unforgettable Show of Dominance at Le Mans

Witnessed by over 278,000 spectators at the recent French Grand Prix, Ducati’s undisputed prowess in two-wheeled racing came to light. The event not only showcased Ducati’s dominance but also served as the launch pad for their inaugural electric motorcycle, aimed to be a prototype for the re-introduced FIM MotoE World Championship.

Ducati’s Electric Future: A Four-Year Journey

This electric bike project will span over four years, running concurrently with their established internal combustion motorcycles. Ducati’s successful debut of the V21L at Le Mans signals another significant achievement in the company’s prosperous sporting history.

Victorious Runs and Record-Breaking Achievements

Ducati’s illustrious 2022 MotoGP campaign, during which they claimed the riders’, manufacturers’, and teams’ titles, as well as the WSBK categories, is a testament to their continual success. This winning streak extends into 2023, where the company has started tapping into the realm of electric supply.

Highlighting 2022 as a landmark year, Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati, referred to it as “the best year in the company’s history”. Ducati not only shattered previous sales records but also broke the billion-euro barrier with 61,562 motorcycles sold worldwide, including in remote locations like Brunei, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Mongolia.

Breaking New Grounds with Electric Bikes

Roberto Cané, Director of EMobility at Ducati, comments on their transition to electric bikes as the fruit of many dedicated individuals’ hard work. Describing the venture as “a crazy project made by crazy people,” Cané outlines the project’s goal as an opportunity to gain expertise in an unfamiliar area.

Affirming Ducati’s Growing Influence

The company’s increasing popularity, both in product markets and racing, is testament to its diligent work over the years. Ducati’s attention to detail and commitment to quality has positioned them as a leader in several market segments and a reference point for many models. Paolo Ciabatti, Ducati Corse Sports Director, credits their success to their creative, less conventional approach, and quick response, production, and decision-making times.

Built on the strong foundations of Italian design, innovation, and technology, Ducati, under the leadership of its CEO, Claudio Domenicali, strives to redefine modern motorcycling. This pursuit will soon extend to the world of motocross, with the company set to make its debut in 2024, a new venture for the Italian brand that seeks not only to participate but also to conquer.

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